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How to Measure Branding – Strengths and Values

Brand value measurement is important so that you will know how well your product is doing in the market. This way, you will be able to prevent yourself from wasting money and effort on a particular brand that is not being patronized by your customers. As a brand manager, it is your job to make an assessment about the value of your brand. This will not only allow you to know about the performance of your product but also about the longevity of the product and what might improve or enhance the product’s current standing.

There are common and technical brand value measurements that you can follow on how to measure branding. These are accepted techniques that have been proven by other brand managers of popular brands that they are really effective. The first one is to know about the price premium, which helps you determine how much a customer is willing to pay for your brand in comparison to the other brands that you are competing with. You may find that there are popular brands that have higher premiums than its rivals but it can be very positive for your goods if you have a lower price. This is because usually this can translate to higher revenue when based upon the market share.

The next is the loyalty or the satisfaction of the customers. This is a typical measurement on how to measure branding since you will certainly know if your brand is effective or highly valued by your customers if they are satisfied with it. You can obtain the answers by means of performing regular surveys or observing the repeat purchases of your target market.

Another is the perceived quality of your goods. Your customers should know that the product is made from high quality materials. They can really appreciate goods that have been created without defects or errors. There are scales in which your product might belong to including high low, consistent, inconsistent, best in class, premium, low, average and others. It is always a good idea that you know that you are steering in the right track since customers are often looking for specific purchase.

Another thing is the leadership of your brand. Effective advertising can sometimes help in the improvement of the value of your brand but there are also other dimensions that describe your rank in the industry. First is that you are a leader if you are at the top which means that you have the biggest market share. Second is that you have the fastest selling brand, which is considered as something that is cool to have. Third is that your organization is the most modern and has the most sophisticated technologies.

The perceived value can also help you on how to measure branding. There are two approaches here: the product that is best value for money and if there is a reason why your brand should be bought instead of your competition. It often helps that your brand has personality, which means that it is an interesting product. Strong presence of the brand mixed with the name of the organization that can be trusted can really add to the value of the brand.