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Making Money by Viral Blogging

Hey, anyone can blog, right? Well… yes. Can anyone make money blogging? Maybe. Why is this? Traffic! Driving visitors to your blog and getting them to take action is one of the most difficult things to do for a newbie. Even seasoned bloggers can have a difficult time driving traffic.

There is a way to become a successful blogger, promote your business, affiliate program, and make money in an extremely short time. It is system you cannot live without known as the viral blogging platform. The internet is run on search. Your viral blogging system can help you rank in those searches.

Viral Blogging System Success

The only reason entrepreneurs blog is to drive traffic to their products or services. That traffic generates leads that turn into sales. Anything less is a waste of time and if making money is not your goal stop reading. A viral blog is a lead generation system and that’s why you are using it to promote your business and not those “free” blogging sites.

You and those Free Sites

So you decide you are going to start a blog and make hundreds, even thousands of dollars each year! Congratulations! People have done it, why not you? Just start a page, name it, and begin typing. You post great content with your free blog site and nothing can stop you. You have a limited budget. You bypassed hosting your own blog. 30 days into the process you realize free isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Your free site might had banned your affiliate links. You can’t figure out how to show up in the search engines. You may find that the free site is ranking and you are not. Your free site is getting all the link juice and your product and services are just getting juiced. You may not even know what I am taking about, but you know that these free sites suck for business.

You don’t receive your own domain name unless you pay, your choices of web design is extremely limited and if you want the extras that can really earn you the cash, you are then looking at more than $50 dollars per month to maintain your page.

Then you must design your page with the limited resources the “free” package allows you. It is more complicated than you imagined, not to mention disappointing. Why don’t you consider another option?

The Other Option

This is business and you have to pay to keep your business running. If you had a store front you would have to pay bills every month. The same with your blogging system. Don’t let being cheap keep you broke.

A viral blog removes all complications. You can use your own domain name. Your blog is under an established domain whose reputation is impeccable. Web design? Complete!

The search engines will be your friend. Provided you use specific keywords, post quality content (I am sure all your content is outstanding), and your blog is quickly ranked and indexed within Google’s search engine.

For newbie’s it takes about 90 days to rank well with the search engines. Your viral blogging system can speed that up because it is already ranked. Your speed depends on how well you know search engine optimization, social syndication, keyword research, and how many people can take it viral.

The quicker your post is seen, the faster you make money. However, this is not all. There is more, and it comes in the form of the companies offering the platforms or systems through which you make your money.

Here is the bonus. Your viral blog comes with all the training and education to help you make money, promote your primary business, gain authority in your local market place, niche, and profession.

Getting Traffic

Becoming a successful blogger requires SEO (search engine optimization) knowledge. This is the specific use of certain key words in your blog to increase your search engine rankings. It is also imperative to know how to search for the right keywords for your blog post. And what about including links to the business or affiliate you are promoting? Do you know how to do this?

Your viral blogging platform also teaches you how to repurpose your content to offline newspapers, article sites, direct mail pieces, eBooks, and newsletters. The purpose your blog is to drive traffic. Now you will have several different traffic sources generating leads and income for you. Most of them are free and organic lead sources.

A Viral Blogging System Program

Do you recall the “free” blog site that isn’t so free? Hosting your own blog is a monthly expense. You have to pay monthly to maintain it. But it’s your site and you may post anything you want. That’s the freedom of your own hosting. No restrictions. But it is trial and error learning how to rank, drive traffic, and get leads.

Keep your site. But link your site to your viral blogging system. Your viral blog will add back links to your site. Your blog does require a monthly fee. Just like your hosting. Every business has its fixed cost.

How about spending $25 (depending on which system you use do your due diligence) receive a fully designed web site and a program teaching you all you need to know about successful blogging, including SEO, and key word search. Oh, the best part. You receive 100% commissions as well.

A Complete Marketing System

Welcome to the world of automation. There is a learning curve when it comes to marketing your blog, product and services. What if you could get a head start? What if you can use paid advertising to get you traffic, leads, and sales? Imagine sales coming in on your first day, week, or month.

What if this marketing system gave you a personal business assistant that could help you sell more of your products. Some blogging platforms offer these services at a cost. Plus these platforms also teach you how to market and choose the marketing that fits your personality. Success is easier with a proven game plan. That’s why franchises are so successful.

Search out the right blogging platform for you and your budget. Then take action and start making money blogging.