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Unrealistic pressures from society, social media, and even friends and family can create expectations about pregnancy that cause women to believe any hiccups experienced along the way are somehow associated with personal failure. Unanticipated complications during your pregnancy, labor, or birth are not necessarily signs that you or your baby will be unable to return home happy, healthy, and ready to tackle irregular sleep schedules and loads of tummy time together. You may, however, need ongoing supportive care from a maternal-fetal medicine specialist to ensure the best possible health outcomes for both you and your baby. Maternal-fetal medicine specialists can help you make informed decisions about your own health as well as the health of your baby so that you can find solace in a time of uncertainty. Maternal-fetal medicine specialists, also called perinatologists, are obstetrician-gynecologists who have completed an additional three years of education and training to become experts in diagnosing, monitoring and treating women with complex and high-risk pregnancies and their babies. These specialists provide expertise in prenatal care and diagnosis, advanced obstetrical ultrasound, fetal anomalies and genetic disorders, multifetal gestation e. Maternal-fetal medicine specialists are committed to keeping both mom and baby healthy before, during, and after birth. Sheppard and her team are passionate about providing a high value and extremely high quality of care for patients. We do a lot of routine ultrasound, screenings, and follow-up care.

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