Is it a date? Or hanging out? Survey reflects confusion

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When a woman says, We should hang out sometime, does she mean hang out or go out? And how do I know the difference? Whether she suggests that you hang out, get together, or do something, it almost always means going out on a date, so I wouldn't worry about telling the difference. You may think it's vague, but a lot of women consider asking a man to hang out to be a pretty bold come-on. We usually prefer to drop a hint that we want you to do the asking. For example, we'll say something like, I'd really love to see the new Jet Li movie, but none of my friends are into kung fu. Have you gone yet? I'm dying to try it. Why be so coy?

After everything else Updated: January 22, She specializes in coaching others on best practices and strategies to succeed on at the outset dates and in the online dating world. This article has been viewed 69, times. By planning a accidental event and being confident as you ask him to hang out along with you, you can easily get en route for know him better. Use your acquaintance about what he does for amusement and find something that you equally enjoy doing. For instance, if he enjoys history and you like books, you could invite him to adhere you at a bookstore.

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