Prince Naveen

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Characters[ edit ] Lady Happy: A wealthy noblewoman who inherits her father's estate and decides to seclude herself inside with a group of other women rather than finding a man to marry. Madam Mediator: A widow and a friend of Lady Happy who does not join the convent, but is allowed to visit. This character is listed as The Princess in the first edition list of characters, [3] and for most of the play, stage directions refer to this character as Princess. Lady Amorous and Lady Vertue: Two married women who live outside the convent. Friends of Madam Mediator. Mimick: A fool in service of Lady Vertue, who delivers the epilogue of the play. They describe their intent to woo her now that she is independently wealthy. Lady Happy tells Madam Mediator that her own plan is to live in retirement with other women and enjoy a life away from men. In Act II, the Monsieurs disapprove of Lady Happy's plan because it prevents them from acquiring her wealth through marriage.

Court and marry a rich young female, or Get a job! Naveen is quite the freeloader and has depleted all his life being waited arrange, never learning to do a affair for himself, including activities as central as simple cooking. His parents were in all likelihood, too busy administration the kingdom to have time along with their son, as Naveen stated all through his meeting with Tiana that his mother had servants read him stories before bed every night, implying she was never available to do accordingly. But despite this, they were by least aware of his behavior at the same time as, by the time of adulthood, the King and Queen of Maldonia after all had enough of the prince's idle antics and excessive partying, and disinherited him from the royal family. Constant if his parents would not adjust their minds, Naveen now had en route for find some way to become autonomous in order to survive. Lawrence, but, suggested a way he would not have to worry about maturity, which was to find a young female with money, and marry her.

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