Woman who posed as a man on Grindr is jailed for 12 months

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Thinking about experimenting with no-strings sex apps? It turns out your smartphone really could be the easiest way to find a partner. Here we round up the best sex apps for commitment-free dating. Some people turn to dating apps in the search of true love, while others pick up their smartphones looking for singles in their area interested in a fun fling. If you fall into the latter camp or are considering no-strings-attached sex, who could blame you? After all, sex including solo sex with your best vibrator certainly has its health benefits, from keeping your vagina healthy and happy to helping you sleep better at night. There's no shame in being a woman looking for sex, as long as you're being upfront with your matches and prioritizing your safety while still having a good time. Jessica has been counseling couples and individuals about the pros and cons of no-strings sex for more than 20 years.

Be grateful you for visiting nature. A Publisher Correction to this article was published on 14 December The COVID pandemic and the resulting social changes that were required to slow the spread of severe acute respiratory condition coronavirus 2 SARS-CoV2 have resulted all the rage lockdowns across many countries and led to substantial numbers of people body quarantined. For single people, their opportunities to meet a partner were absolutely lost. For couples who lived at a distance, this meant that they were not able to see their partner designed for many months. As lockdowns have loosened around the world, the possibility of a second wave arises, and lockdowns are being reinstated in many regions. The prospect of potential long-term lockdowns means that adjusting to this additional normal in relationships is an central consideration. In this Viewpoint, three specialists in sexology and psychology discuss the effects of lockdown on intimacy after that consider how it can be careful an opportunity as well as an obstacle for making love in the time of corona. Marieke Dewitte is a clinical psychologist-sexologist who had her training in Belgium and the Netherlands and completed her PhD at Ghent University, Belgium.

All the rage the Covid era, health officials are urging lovers to don masks, accept monogamy, stop kissing, and start improvising. But will we listen? Five experts weigh in. Part of the Account Issue of The Highlightour home designed for ambitious stories that explain our earth. The coronavirus pandemic will change the way we live for many add months, if not years. Concerts at once seem like potential hot zones. Gyms and restaurants are cutting capacity all the rage order to operate. Among the suggestions: Maybe wearing a mask or perhaps doing it with the aid of a partition, should we want en route for do it at all.

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