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Sway Me More Mafia! Jungkook M Pairing: Mafia! Jungkook x Assassin! Jungkook, BTS mafia au, Smut, humor, e2l, angst, pining. Length: 15,k Words Warnings: Strong language, lots of violence, minor deaths, guns, oral sex male receivingfingering, unprotected vaginal sex, squirting, overstimulation, orgasm denial, dirty talk, BDSM? Smith vibes. Also, I thought it would be a fun dynamic for them to only refer to each other by last names. Shouts out to this anon for being so specific! Writing this fic ruined my search history.

Monday to announce highlyanticipated news for OSU football fans. After weeks of care to open the new year, Hubbard revealed his intentions to return en route for school to play for the Cowboys again in rather than enter the NFL Draft, as many suspected he would decide to do. After hasten for yards in the Texas Basin in December to finish the day, Hubbard joined Sanders as the barely players in OSU history to blast for over 2, yards in a single season. NFL draft experts allow labeled Hubbard, who is listed by 6-foot-1 and pounds, as one of the top running backs eligible designed for the draft, and had he acknowledged for the NFL, he was accepted to be picked anywhere between the second and sixth round. In Hubbard and Wallace, OSU returns the barely duo in the country with by least 2, career rushing yards after that at least 2, career receiving yards. The Cowboys also expect to arrival 10 of 11 defensive starters after that 21 of 22 defensive players as of the two-deep Texas Bowl depth chronicle. They have already been working designed for an hour, and they still allow another hour and multiple bags en route for fill. These are not students who got in trouble. Fred Dillard is one of many members of the department of residential life staff by OSU, but he is one of a few who uses his arrange to help the Stillwater community beyond the boundaries of the campus.

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