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We were too young and grew apart following different paths. Our sex life was not the main reason but played a part. She was very inhibited and prudish. She had been raised to be very virtuous in her religious upbringing. She was a virgin until our wedding night. I had been with a number of girls, mostly teen conquests by a sweet seduction that brought out their sexual desires. I wanted her innocence. What a catch a virgin was for me in that time.

The conversation was about what had transpired since our first interlude. Then we went to the night club anywhere we had met. After a combine of drinks, we tried a a different place, and there we danced. I suggested that we find a motel. Our first choice was booked concrete, but then next one had a few rooms left on the agree with floor. I still remember how anxious I was as we climbed the stairs. We got in the area, and my husband Tim started assembly drinks, then suggested that we act strip poker.

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