Meet the Women Who Seek Out : and Find Happy-Ending Massages

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He continued to massage clients, and later opened his own massage practice—which has been successful for 14 years. Robert Mabe also ran into difficulty getting started as a massage therapist when he graduated last year. Then there are those who have faced challenges from both men and women. Some married women would also discriminate, because if their husbands knew that their wives were being massaged by a male, that could lead to trouble. Overcoming sexual stereotypes The news often contains stories of males posing as legitimate massage therapists who engage, or attempt to engage, in illicit or predatory behavior directed at unassuming clients. The way to counter this is to be up front about the nature of services. Balleto has been a massage therapist for more than 20 years. Balletto always talks with his clients about any fears. If they say yes, I simply refer them on to a female practitioner that I trust.

Although there are indeed women seeking absent this type of service from manly masseurs, and their rules of appointment might surprise you. It was his first day on the job by a posh resort in Palm Coast, Florida, and he was anxious, having only recently graduated from massage discipline. Then it happened. The 5'10, blond-haired, blue-eyed model grabbed his hand after that placed it on the side of her breast. I got you! The spa attracted wealthy clients from about the world, some of them celebrated, including the model.

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