6 Ways to Feel Better About Being Single

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In reality, friendships are among the trickiest relationships out there. With such an active presence on social media, they have constant opportunities to share the minutiae of their daily lives with hundreds or even thousands of people. A study of more than 1, to year-olds found that the most frequent social media users were also three times as likely to feel socially isolated. Primack BA, et al. Social media use and perceived social isolation among young adults in the U.

Photographed by Rachel Cabitt. This story was originally published on January 12, I read every single comment. After that then I ugly-cried in my pajamas while pacing my apartment, gobsmacked as a result of the beauty of it all. After that I read every single comment all over again. It was something I saw commenters lament over and over again. Around were dozens of women who claimed to feel alienated because their girlfriends were either in relationships or conjugal. I have pretty much always been the token single girl among my friends.

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