How I Learned to Stop Being a “Chill Girl” and Start Being Me

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Add a comment 3 Stating that you are down for that appears to be a relatively recent phrase coming from slang. It is common in chat rooms and other online social hangouts, but does not often appear in writing. It shocked me the first time I heard it sometime inif I remember correctly. I thought the speaker was confused, at first, until I heard it repeated in different contexts and came to understand that up for that and down for that have approximately the same definition to most people. Years ago and the number of years is unclear to me being down with something had a different meaning on the street, or amongst those who were less It meant that you were involved in something seedy, or had inside information on something. Being down for that implied not only that you agreed with someone, but that you would keep your involvement a secret. Conversely, being up for that was an open acknowledgement of your agreement or participation; it was not private, and no secrecy was implied or conveyed.

The problem was that I was not chill. And I hated it. I yearned to be unburdened from the anxieties of caring and to celebrate in the magnetism of a blowy attitude. This cultural need to pathologize women who not only take the reins of their identity but additionally openly engage the full range of their feelings—you know, as a beneficial human being tends to—remains a anxious battle as old as time. We are each so deliciously complex after that messy; what better way to compensate homage to these multiplicities than en route for feel, to express, and to cut out space to navigate as our purest self?

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