How to Identify an Exercise Addiction and Intervene

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Getting Help and Treatment Some athletes suffer from an unhealthy addiction to exercise. This can arise for a variety of reasons, including an obsession with perfection or winning, avoiding other aspects of life, and feeling addicted to the physiological changes caused by exercise. Addictive exercisers may use extreme training as one way to expend calories and maintain or lose body weight in an attempt to improve performance or achieve a desired body shape or weight. They often justify their behavior by believing a serious athlete can never work too hard or too long at their sport. Discomfort, pain or even injury will not keep an exercise addict from training. Nearly all compulsive exercisers suffer from overtraining syndrome. They often live with muscle strainssorenessstress fractures and other chronic, overuse injuries, such as tendinitis.

We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this clause. Am I addicted to exercise? Overtraining could be harming your gut, says new science. Then, ironically, you're accomplishment yourself a disservice. Unfortunately, exercise compulsion is a very real issue after that is one that grips gym-goers all-inclusive. Here's how to identify if you're part of the epidemic and, add crucially, how to switch off. We've got a gut feeling you'll be grateful us for it. Sipping at an ice-cold lager is nectar for the soul but, as we all appreciate, overindulgence is a slippery slope en route for the bottom of a bottle.

Coping with Exercise Addiction We all appreciate getting and staying healthy through application can feel good, but sometimes it can feel so good that ancestor who exercise might wonder, can you get high from working out? After that if you can actually get above what be usual on exercise, like you can as of drugs, is it good for you or bad for you? The abrupt answer is that yes, you be able to get high from exercise. And although the feeling of getting high itself is not harmful, like with drugs, you can be harmed while below the influence of this high affection, as you may be less alert of the potential and real cause detriment to your body. There is additionally a risk of getting addicted en route for the high you get from application, which can also be harmful. Benefits of Regular Exercise So do we need to be concerned that we are exercising too much?

After does something healthy, such as application, become an unhealthy obsession? And be able to apps make things worse? Sprinting about trees, fallen leaves crunching underfoot, Valerie Stephan looks focused and peaceful arrange her morning jog. It's like a series of small victories. She signed up for a 5km three-mile administer, followed by 10km races, then a marathon.

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