Faking it — scammers’ tricks to steal your heart and money

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Stressed about money during the holidays? More often than not, as we get down to the serious business of merrymaking, mazel-ing and mistletoeing, the holidays can have many of us feeling overextended. Especially when it comes to our wallets: Many women are simultaneously wrestling with the stress of managing the holidays and the stress of keeping that checkbook balanced. Why do we keep doing it? If you feel like planning — and paying for — the holidays has you losing your mind, we spoke to two financial experts to help offer you a sanity check.

This level of volatility will generally apply people out eventually. He said around are cases where it makes awareness to make leveraged bets, such at the same time as buying a house with a advance, but generally, leveraged bets on the stock market are for long-term investors who have a lot of assets available or for highly sophisticated investors who are positioned to deal along with the volatility. And single stocks attempt up and down all the age. This is a viral TikTok of hedge fund billionaire Bill Ackman explaining how to short the stock advertise using a metaphor about coin collecting. It did not help my delicate understanding of short selling whatsoever.

Jana Shoulders of Mariner Wealth Advisors joins us to discuss the importance of women being educated about their finances and finding a wealth advisor so as to holistically supports them. Jana, thanks designed for joining the show today. Jana Shoulders: Thanks for having me, Brian. Brian: You started when you were 14, so things are good. Jana, a minute ago a little bit about your backdrop, and how you got to this episode. Jana: Good question.

Be on the same wavelength here to listen to his additional podcast series on all things bliss, How to Build a Happy Animation. Money is one of the things Americans worry about most in the world. Even in , when the economy was expanding, a survey as a result of the life-insurance company Northwestern Mutual bring into being that more than half of Americans felt anxious or insecure about capital sometimes, often, or all the age. And during the pandemic, another analyse found that workers were almost five times more likely to worry a propos money than their health. Census Bureau—live in poverty. For millions of ancestor, then, worrying about money is not a reflection of whether their central needs are being met. Worry has a nearly infinite ability to accomplish our lives worse. Daily worrying be able to also lead to clinical anxiety, decline, and physical ailments such as lower-back pain, breathing difficulties, and stomach pains.

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