A year in the life of an urban fox

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You can help by adding missing items with reliable sources. Slenderman, one of the most popular creepypastas Main article: Slender Man Slender Man is a thin, tall humanoid with no distinguishable facial features, who wears a trademark black suit. The character originated in a SomethingAwful Photoshop competition, before later being featured as a main antagonist in the Marble Hornets alternate reality game. According to most stories, he targets younger people who supposedly go into his forest looking for him. The legend also caused controversy with the Slender Man stabbing in Two year-old girls stabbed one of their friends, leaving her in the forest to die.

Addicted to the woods: how online urban celebrity Slender Man inspired children to destroy Photograph: Taylor Callery When two year-old girls in Wisconsin invited their classmate for a game of hide-and-seek all the rage the forest, they planned to assassinate her. They later claimed they were forced to act by the fabled Slender Man. By Alex Mar Thu 7 Dec They were three not-so-popular girls at Horning Middle Discipline, a little more childish than the others, a little more obsessed along with fantasy and video games and assembly up scary stories. In the break of day, the girls made a game absent of hurling clumps of Silly Putty up at the ceiling.

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