What does cum taste like? A medical expert explains how healthy semen tastes

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How to make your cum taste better….? Everyone wants to have a angle or pussy that smells and tastes ridiculously delicious. While we all absence to have the tastiest snatch all the rage town, we also have a acceptable desire to intimately please our associate Kittens and Toms. Since this is such a hot topic, I absolute to go on an experimental chase to determine which foods are finest to put in our bellies en route for make our cum aaaall yum! After healthy, it can taste salty, accommodating, sour, sharp, metallic or faint. It depends on your diet and the stage of your menstrual cycle. You can make your vagina taste actually good by eating foods like yoghurt, avocado, cinnamon and dark chocolate.

Be on the same wavelength here to get it. We before now have a guide about what cum tastes like. Side Note: I deposit together this in-depth assesment that bidding uncover just how good you are at giving oral sex and agreeable your man. It may uncover a few uncomfortable truths, or you may ascertain that you are already a emperor at giving blow jobs. Semen contains seminal fluid and sperm [ 1 ], which originate in the testicles Testicles can be an erotic area, too! Get tips for sucking his balls. Most of semen is dampen [ 2 ], which you capacity guess from its watery texture.

Designed for most people, the taste of semen is mild and inoffensive. People allow described the flavor as bitter, a little salty, sweet, or metallic. There is no right or wrong way en route for feel about semen. Likewise, some ancestor may feel self-conscious about allowing a partner to taste their semen. Ajar communication with a partner and calm mutual encouragement can help both partners feel less worried about all corporal fluids, including semen. In this clause, we examine what semen typically tastes and smells like, and what gives it this taste.

Individual morning, on a day where a lot of of the Cosmopolitan team are attention hangovers, I rather cruelly asked them: What does cum taste like en route for you? Their responses ranged from: Akin to accidentally swallowing sea water, and, Brackish. Warm, to, certainly not my protein of choice, and sour. Because I am above anything an ethical columnist, I won't reveal the names of my sources. But please know, they exist and they work on this here website.

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