Traditional Massage of Newborns in Nepal: Implications for Trials of Improved Practice

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Infant massage is a way to gently nurture and spend time with your baby. Find out about the possible benefits of infant massage and how to get started. Research suggests that infant massage can have various health benefits. For example, infant massage might:. Although further research is needed, some studies also suggest that infant massage involving moderate pressure might promote growth for premature babies. Massaging your baby too soon after a feeding might cause your baby to vomit — so wait at least 45 minutes after a feeding.

Aim out PMC Labs and tell us what you think. Learn More. Mustard oil massage of newborns is an integral component of traditional care practices in many communities. Recent evidence suggests that this practice may have damaging effects, particularly for preterm infants before for those whose skin barrier act is otherwise sub-optimal. Other natural oils such as sunflower, sesame or safflower seed oil may have a advantageous impact on newborn health and continued existence. A questionnaire concerning the usage after that reasons for application of mustard after that other oils to newborn skin was administered to the caretakers of newborns in Sarlahi district of rural Nepal. Four focus group discussions among agent groups were conducted to describe the perceived benefits of oil massage after that the factors involved in the assessment to apply oil. The potential designed for the introduction of alternative natural oils was explored. Approximately 99 per cent of newborns were massaged at slight once with mustard oil in the 2 weeks after birth, and 80 per cent were massaged at slight twice daily.

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Babe massages have a variety benefits. Along with each gentle stroke, your baby bidding feel nurtured and loved, strengthening the bond between the two of you. Massages will also allow your babe to feel more relaxed, which can improve their sleep. Some research suggests baby massage might even promote beneficial growthalthough further research is needed. Not sure where to start?

We believe you should always know the source of the information you're analysis. Learn more about our editorial after that medical review policies. Babies also achieve a gentle laying on of hands very relaxing — and even beneficial. How can infant massage benefit your little one? You can start these gentle massages the day you be sell for your baby home.

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