I Have One Rule About Condoms

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Given the primary role of consistent condom use in the prevention of HIV and other STIs among this population, directing interventions to more closely target important gender-specific condom attitude and skill differences is a critical endeavor. Differences between men and women in sexual risk behavior In this study, women and men did not differ greatly in the degree to which they reported engaging in sexual risk behavior. Women were less likely than men to have used a condom with a main sexual partner, but women and men did not differ in the types of partners they reported or in the degree to which they used condoms with casual partners. Overall, these findings suggest slightly more risk for women by virtue of being somewhat more likely to be sexually active and, similar to the Brooks et al. Our finding of no gender effect in having casual partners differs from the Absalon et al. Differences between men and women in condom barriers For the sample as a whole, men were more likely than women to endorse barriers to using condoms. It is also consistent that men reported more condom barriers overall, while women perceived a more positive balance between advantages and disadvantages of condom use For both women and men, condom non-users reported more motivational barriers than condom users, but this difference was more pronounced for women. Compared to women, men who had a steady partner may have felt at greater risk of being suspected by that partner of infidelity if they initiated condom use; infidelity is a theme in several of the partner items.

As a result of Dr. Their willingness to use condoms also appears to depend, at slight in part, on the way their partner looks. According to a contemporary study published in BMJ Open , the more attractive heterosexual men become aware of a prospective female partner to be, the less likely they are en route for want to use condoms with her [1]. These men were asked en route for imagine they were single and, designed for each photo, they rated how agreeable they would be to have condomless sex with the woman pictured. Participants thought that other men would absence to have unprotected sex with add attractive women, too. What was amazing was that there was no associate between perceived attractiveness and estimated chance of having an STI.

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