9 Quickie Sex Positions That Will Get The Job Done

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We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we love. Jun 8, Cosmopolitan Quickies get an unfairly bad reputation for being rushed and unsatisfying. But too much of anything — yes, even super-slow, intimate sex with much eye-gazing, touching of souls, and whatnot — becomes blah if that's all that's going on. Plus, quickies are all kinds of fun. They're hot, insistent, and, if you're pressed for time, damn convenient. Here are five new variations to try with whatever time you've got. Talk to him about something innocuous while soaping yourself up.

Individual is that they can help you have sex more often. Another is it takes the pressure off of you and your partner to allow long-lasting sex. Plus, it can be more exciting than slower sex, above all if you have to sneak about to make it happen. To accurately max out your quickie sex sesh: 1. Lube it up.

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