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I had the whole thing written out in my head and as I lay there I kept refining my words until it was perfect. This post is the result of sleep deprivation and insomnia. As you can see from the above picture, when you've got two laptops going, with about 20 open tabs between them, not to mention using your iPad and iPhone at the same time, you've clearly got problems. Or no life. One of the two. Or perhaps both.

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A movement where women the world above are tapping into their feminine after that still climbing corporate ladders without body the stereotypical ball-breaking executive who leaves a trail of devastation in her wake. A movement where women are recognising their divine power rather than always playing smalland acknowledging their sexiness rather than hiding it or body ashamed of it. Up until a moment ago. Or does it? Whilst in the past I would have been disrespect by such an observation, today I see it as nothing short of the greatest compliment. A beautiful yin counterbalance to my raging yang.

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