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Patricia Ross is a city councilmember in Abbotsford, British Columbia, and a fellow with Leadership for Environment and Development International, a training organization committed to sustainability. Monday around my place always starts off with a bang, but today is especially crazy. As a politician, I have gotten used to calls from people wanting to discuss issues, but I have noticed that people often seem to wait to vent their anger over their issues until Monday morning. Grist thanks its sponsors. Become one. How polluted was my valley?

We are regularly updating this story arrange the flood situation in the Fraser Valley Our comprehensive coverage of the latest Fraser Valley storm information Our investigation into the failure of the Sumas dikeand the reasons other levees are doomed to fail in the event of an even worse abundance from the Fraser. You need en route for know why Barrowtown Pump Station exists. More than eight millennia ago, frost covered the Fraser Valley. But adjust was in the air and arrange the ground. The glaciers were melting, and as they receded, they absent behind a valley and an ahead of schedule lake between what we now appeal the Sumas and Vedder mountains. Diminutive watercourses ran along the newly bare ground of clay and gravel, after that silt, feeding a growing lake. The most important of these early watercourses was the Nooksack River, which flowed north from the foothills of Mt.

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