10 Hotel Secrets from Behind the Front Desk

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Lambert set up the Bunkhouse Group, a company that now operates 10 hotels in Texas, California, and Mexico. More importantly, she paved the way for future women hoteliers — visionaries behind some of our favorite independent properties around the country. Like Lambert who left Bunkhouse infew of this new class have traditional backgrounds in hospitality. That didn't stop them from pursuing ambitious projects — none of which had the backing of a big real estate developer or a corporate chain. These six women have used hotels as platforms for their passions, from interior design and architecture to food and the great outdoors. Credit: Jessica Sample The Surfrider Hotel — Malibu, California Tucked among the oleanders and verbenas on the cliffs of Malibu, Californiathere's a rooftop bar that serves as a gathering place for style-conscious visitors. This dreamy scene was created by Emma Goodwin, the force behind a room boutique hotel that takes its name from the iconic Surfrider Beach across the Pacific Coast Highway. Two photos from the Surfrider hotel in Malibu, California.

Dan Miller Aug 11, This post contains references to products from one before more of our advertisers. We can receive compensation when you click arrange links to those products. Most hotels in the United States will accept children under 18 to stay designed for free in a room with their parents and have occupancy that be able to support at least two adults after that two children. As an aside, it drives me a little crazy so as to some hotel chains require you en route for enter the ages of your children when making any type of condition when it has no impact arrange pricing and it slows down the whole process. Screenshot courtesy of Hyatt. Things get more difficult if you are traveling internationally, as many bar rooms in Europe and other parts of the world charge more designed for extra occupants.

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