How to Date a Girl in a Wheelchair

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Tips for Dating Someone in a Wheelchair Like any avid student, I decided the best way to find out was to do some research. Here are some of the things I discovered about the etiquette of dating a handicapped woman. Tip 1 Not so Different First, never assume you are dating a handicapped woman. You are going to discover she is a woman, first and foremost. She just happens to be in a wheelchair. She is far from disabled. She can do things from that chair that most of us would never dream possible. So, first, get that chair out of your head. But, seriously?

The difference is that barriers people along with disabilities face begin with people's attitudes — attitudes often rooted in cant and misunderstandings about what it's akin to to live with a disability. Allegory 1: People with disabilities are bear and courageous. Fact: Adjusting to a disability requires adapting to a daily life, not bravery and courage. Myth 2: All persons who use wheelchairs are chronically ill or sickly. Fact: The association between wheelchair use and affliction may have evolved through hospitals using wheelchairs to transport sick people. A person may use a wheelchair designed for a variety of reasons, none of which may have anything to accomplish with lingering illness. Myth 3: Wheelchair use is confining; people who abuse wheelchairs are wheelchair-bound. Myth 4: Altogether persons with hearing disabilities can announce lips.

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