Female education

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Map Map of Afghanistan Girls study in a tent held up by a tree in a government school in Kabul, Afghanistan. Forty-one percent of all schools in Afghanistan do not have buildings and even when they do, they are often overcrowded, with some children forced to study outside. Forty-one percent of all schools in Afghanistan do not have buildings. Many children live too far from the nearest school to be able to attend, which particularly affects girls. Girls are often kept at home due to harmful gender norms that do not value or permit their education. Senior officials from troop-contributing nations in the early years of the war spoke out about the suffering of women under the Taliban.

Recommendations that differed between age groups are presented separately. The consensus group built-in evidence from a broad range of sources. However, the assessment, pharmacological action, and multiagency support features reflect cold practice and legislature in the Amalgamate Kingdom UK , and may be at odds in other countries. All consensus proceedings, including group and feedback sessions were video-recorded and transcribed. One note-taker was allocated to each breakout group, after that notes were subsequently circulated to all breakout group contributor for review after that agreement.

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