Dear Abby: Man seeking commitment finds casual sex instead

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Hooking up. Friends with benefits. Casual femininity. No matter what you call it, this kind of relationship is a propos one thing. But is spending a load of no-strings-attached quality time in the bedroom really enough? Are you kidding yourself to think that getting it on with a guy, but not getting much else, is all you need or want?

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A good number of the women I've dated allow contacted me after the relationship was over hoping to have no-strings-attached femininity on a regular basis. I allow always refused because I figured it would make it more difficult en route for move on and to meet a big cheese new. That said, I'm an alluring guy in my early 30s, after that I'd hate to continue to atrophy my prime sexual years. I'd adoration to be married and have a family, but I'm struggling to achieve a woman who is honest, constant, a good communicator and independent.

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