Church Policies and Guidelines

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Our Father in Heaven loves His children. Church leaders and members are often asked who can attend meetings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, who can become Church members, and who can attend a temple. The Savior taught that His disciples should love their neighbors see Matthew All are welcome to attend sacrament meeting, other Sunday meetings, and social events of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The presiding officer is responsible to ensure that all who attend are respectful of the sacred setting.

About the end of and during , it was disclosed in UK media that a number of undercover constabulary officers had, as part of their 'false persona', entered into intimate relationships with members of targeted groups after that in some cases proposed marriage before fathered children with protesters who were unaware their partner was a constabulary officer in a role as amount of their official duties. In the public Undercover Policing Inquiry under a senior judge was announced. In November the Metropolitan Police published an absolute apology in which it exonerated after that apologised to those women who had been deceived and stated the attitude had constituted abuse and a aggregate violation with severely harmful effects, at the same time as part of a settlement of their cases. In new cases continued en route for come to light. Mark Kennedy additionally known as Mark Stone and Blaze is a former London Metropolitan Constabulary officer who, whilst attached to the police service's National Public Order Acumen Unit , [8] NPOIU infiltrated a lot of protest groups between and before he was unmasked by political activists at the same time as an undercover policeman on 21 October During this time he had entered into intimate relationships on artificial grounds, which came to light all through as being part of a complete pattern of exploitation and manipulation [11] of women in such movements. It also emerged that some of these undercover police relationships had resulted all the rage children whose fathers later vanished after their role was completed. Kennedy had been arrested in Berlin for attempted arson, but was never brought en route for trial. Hunko also asked: How does the federal government justify the actuality that [Mark Kennedy], as part of his operation in Germany, did not only initiate long-term meaningful friendships although also sexual relationships, clearly under artificial pretenses?

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