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It was constructed like a simple carbohydrate. There were four saccharine choruses and only two verses, and the power chords belonged on Abercrombie bags. By Augustthe song debuted on the big screen. Within a year, it was a staple on teen movie soundtracks. The genre had moved away from its R-rated roots to meet mainstream demands for modesty. The Pacific Vista cheerleading team holds a farewell ceremony to bury her pom-poms on the football field, but Britney unearths the pom-poms against the wishes of her replacement. The Pacific Vista team busts Britney when they spot her in the background of a local news report about the Crenshaw Heights cheer team. That affair, in particular, would have provided a juicer context for the song.

Of course you remember the video; austere and brilliant and poignant and a little cringy, too: The All-American Rejects rocking out in a slightly wet garage interspersed with shots of people displaying their deepest and dirtiest secrets arrange pretty A5 cards. The end result? An undeniably fun and aggressively cherished seconds. Because of the video. Which is a powerful thing, one so as to could easily be a wider, add profound and considered conversation in which we discuss how The All-American Rejects leak from your mouth more than they really deserve. Consider Gives You Hell, my dude. But, really, who has the time and energy designed for that, in this economy?

Background[ edit ] Dirty Little Secret was written by Nick Wheeler and Tyson Ritterwho claimed that because they were both at the time in continuing relationships with their girlfriends they had to concoct some histrionics. Wheeler alleged We come from a small city, and until now we've both had steady relationships. So, you know, at time there's not enough drama or chaos to write about, so he austerely writes stories. And that's where the lyrics come from. We were accurately less than a week away as of going into the studio, and we all started jamming and tossing absent ideas.

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