Introduction to care and support

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Find out about different care services, equipment and care homes. Telephone help If you want advice or help by speaking to someone over the phone, you'll find lots of helpful numbers and links in our section on telephone helplines and forums. If you want the council to arrange or pay towards your care, you have to get a needs assessment. The needs assessment tells you what type of care will help you and how it'll be delivered to you. If you have a carer, they can also have a carer's assessment. Paying for social care and support Paying for care and support can be confusing and a worry. For clear advice on how much care and support costs, and where you can get help with the costs, read our section on money, work and benefits.

Fitness and Social Care Trusts Emotional aid Although friends and family can afford emotional support at this difficult age, you may find it easier en route for talk to a professional counsellor before other carers in a similar arrange. The person you're caring for after that other family members may also advantage from counselling. Support groups for carers There may be support groups designed for carers in your local area. This could give you the opportunity en route for talk to other people in the same situation as yourself. Help along with caring for someone at home Around are different options to help you care for someone at home. Check-up and nursing care If the person you care for needs specialist check-up or nursing care so they be able to continue living at home, you be able to arrange this through their GP. Services that may be available include: visits from a district or community care for to change dressings, give injections before help with bathing or toileting advantage getting the person in and absent of bed Services available can adapt between trusts. Who's who in fitness services Short-term breaks Both you after that the person you care for can benefit if you can take a short-term break from caring occasionally. This is known as respite care.

It may take longer to answer your call. Benefit payment dates - Christmas public holidays Payments due on 24, 27, 28 and 29 December bidding be paid on 23 December Payments due on 3 January will be paid on 31 December This applies for all benefits. The deadline en route for apply to the scheme was 30 June for most people, but you might still be able to affect.

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