The Hottest Male Celebrities Of All Time

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Paulina Gretzky Whenever Dustin Johnson plays in a major tournament, all eyes are not just on him, but also on Gretzky. They are amongst the most photographed golf couples in the world, which speaks a lot of how they look good together. Unsurprisingly, Gretzky is constantly present in the many list of hot sports wives and girlfriends. Paulina is the daughter of Wayne Gretzky, one of the best hockey players ever. Paulina and Dustin first met in in a dinner arranged by Janet Jones, an actress and the mother of Paulina. They have been engaged since only seven months after the two started dating. Until now, there is no definite date for Dustin Johnson and Paulina Getzky marriage. According to the two, they had conflicting schedules, making it hard to plan a wedding. They currently have two children.

A few celebrities just can't seem to abandon blond women Ryan Phillippe, Spencer Pratt, we're looking at you two. Although some celebs with blond track records have switched it up and bring into being love in the arms of dark-haired beauties. Let's take a look by a few who have made the switch. Ashton Kutcher may have dabbled with blondes like January Jones, Amy Smart, and Brittany Murphy in the past, but when it came en route for settling down it was all a propos the dark-haired Miss Demi Moore.

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