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I am an erotica writer by night, and a lawyer by day. Take a guess as to which one is more fun for me. I am not sure what I love more: having sex, or writing about it! You can reach me at darian. I love communicating with my readers, so I would be thrilled to hear from you! Meredith was raised as a strict Catholic, and entered her marriage to Jake as a virgin. Jake was obsessed with the thought of her sleeping with another man, and kept pestering her to satisfy his fantasy. Meredith finally gave in to Jake, and soon realized to her delight just what her sex life had been missing when a big, black stud opened her eyes. This hot erotic story features cuckolding, voyeurism, and interracial sex.

He is married, and his wife does not know. I struggled with their relationship, since I identify as ajar but not poly. But she cheated with him four times over the course of two years. I accomplish not doubt her love for me. The final complication: I have a cuckold fetish. Is mixing business after that personal matters going to blow ahead in our faces? Permission granted.

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