Why Students Forget—and What You Can Do About It

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How can we best prepare children for success in their lives and livelihoods? From hunter-gatherer societies to early civilizations, and into modernity, generations have grappled with this key question. As they do, our definition of what counts as a high quality education has evolved, as have the sites used to prepare children for their future. Peter Gray, an educational psychologist who has studied hunter-gatherer education as far back as 10, B.

Teachers have long known that rote memorization can lead to a superficial awareness of material that is quickly ancient history. But new research in the area of neuroscience is starting to bicycle shed light on the ways that brains are wired to forget—highlighting the consequence of strategies to retain knowledge after that make learning stick. In a contemporary article published in the journal Neuronneurobiologists Blake Richards and Paul Frankland argue with the predominant view of memory, which holds that forgetting is a administer of loss—the gradual washing away of critical information despite our best efforts to retain it. When we ascertain something new—when a teacher delivers a fresh lesson to a student, designed for example—the material is encoded across these neural networks, converting the experience addicted to a memory. Forgetting is almost as soon as the nemesis of memory, as psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus discovered in the s. Ebbinghaus pioneered landmark research in the field of retention and learning, observing what he called the forgetting curvea measure of how much we disregard over time.

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