Disabled and Fighting for a Sex Life

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When you think about sex workers, what do you picture? Young women paying for college by stripping in a club? Crack addicts working street corners under the watchful eye of their pimp? But we have fewer go-to images about their clientele. What kind of person pays for sex, anyway? Businessmen traveling for work, looking for some action while their wives are at home with the kids? Bi-curious women looking to explore having sex with another woman in a judgement-free setting?

Arrange Disability and Accepting Help With eugenics—a now-discredited social philosophy—Francis Galton pursued the theory of contamination to its coherent end. The eugenics movement, which started in the U. By nearly two-thirds of U. Between and , thousands of Americans were sterilised. The legitimization of eugenic views throughout Europe after that America ended in a logical, but horrifying, outcome: the systematic murder of thousands of disabled people in Germany after the Nazis came to ability in By the end of World War II, it is approximate that some , people with disabilities had been murdered. Asexual, hypersexual, bad, and contaminated: These four damaging tropes from history combine to form a bitter legacy for disabled people. The first disabled American war veterans were starting to arrive back from Vietnam and pushing for inclusion. Students were also key to this new civil-rights battle.

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