Barriers to condom use among women at risk of HIV/AIDS: a qualitative study from Iran

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Delicate barriers including the following items: Perceived lack of control Feelings and acuity of inability and incompetence in the use of condom are a answer of several underlying factors, viz. At a low level self-esteem Participants with low self-esteem allow less sexual protective behaviors. In such circumstances, an individual is deprived of her right to choose and as a result considers herself to be worthless. At a low level self-esteem is completely evident in the context of addiction and prostitution. Able-bodied, this is not important for her because she anyway dislikes herself add than enough already and anyone who risks such occupations or this brand of work, is deprived of her right of choice regarding condom abuse. He never listens to what I say and so why should I bother to explain? If a female wants to do something, she be able to do it if she has assurance. When a husband does not akin to his wife e.

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